Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mr. Darcy's Great Escape: The Podcast

Discussion of book 3. The first 9 minutes are for new readers, more or less. The other 50 minutes are me talking about the various issues within this book. Bonus material: a brief history of the Hasidim and Napoleon, some far-to-personal material about mental illness, and me occasionally sniffling from allergies.

In other news: Austen Authors is having a celebration for our first anniversary as a blog! Go to Austen Authors this week for tons and tons of giveaways - books, gift cards, maybe some other stuff. Seriously, if you're ever going to check out Austen Authors, this is the week to do it.

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Cherri T. said...

I'll have to say when I read book 3 I would have agreed with the editors, at first. It was uncomfortable for me to think of Darcy as being mentally weak. I read alot of fan fiction for the escapisum from everyday life and for the happily ever after. This volume was very intense. Recently I have re-read books 1-3 in preparation for book 4. The second time around I was able to really appeciate this storyline. This is why I love your stories, they're different. While sometimes I am a little taken aback by the direction your going with the charaters in the end you always spin a interesting tale. I'm glad you stuck to your guns on volume 3, it's probably the best one so far.
I've also learned quite a bit about the publishing business from your podcasts,thanks Marsha.