Friday, June 8, 2012

New Contest!

There's more going on than I have time to discuss at the moment, but I need to announce that there's going to be a second edition of book 5, and here's how you can win a free e-book:

I know that there are typos that weren't found by multiple editors. So if you can send me an email with the page numbers (or line quoted so I can find the location) of more than 4 typos, you will get:
- your name in the acknowledgments of the second edition
- you will get an e-book in any format you want of that version.

Content is on until July1st, so get to reading!


Cherri T. said...

Are you looking for typo's in "The Darcy's and The Bingley's" or "Knights of Derbyshire?"

Marsha Altman said...

"The Knights of Derbyshire."

Cherri T. said...

3 so far, but I'm only up to 31%.
1: Location #967 19% - when she ran away she left a not {note}saying they were going to elope,
2: Location #1470 29% - His formality immediately told her something was wrong, but tt {it} took a moment to sink in.
3: Location #1580 31% - "Nothin" he said quickly, realizing he had mentioned some thing he probably shouldn"t haev {have}.

This of course is the Kindle edition, hope this helps out. Do you want to know if I find anymore?

Cherri T. said...

One more
4: Location #1681 33% - There was clearly something deeper her {here}, but he could not get at it.