Sunday, November 4, 2012

First, let me just say I'm fine. I live in Upper Manhattan, so I never lost power during the Hurricane. My brother was without power for a week and the same with my parents in New Jersey, and everyone is safe and healthy and there was no major damage to the house. Things are still a little tense here in NYC, with a gas shortage and crowded subways, but we made out a lot better than other people who are now homeless.

If you're looking to donate, I heavily suggest check out the AidMatrix website and choose a local charity that will be more efficient with your money than the Red Cross. If you want my person suggestion in terms of work I've actually seen happening on the ground, a great place to check out is the UJA, which is currently providing non-denominational services to all boroughs.

Anyway... Big news! Book 6 - Georgiana and the Wolf - is back from the copy-editor's. I'm just doing some last-minute checks and waiting for the cover designer to get back to me with a final cover and then I begin the proof process at Createspace. In other words, the book is on schedule to be out in December, hopefully very early December.

When book 6 is released, look for discounts on Book 5 (The Knights of Derbyshire). It's the only other book in the series whose price I can control, and I'm going to bring down to .99c a lot to push sales. It may even be free for a few days.

Book 7 has gone to the editor's, where I expect to be for a while. We're shooting for a Spring release and then a Fall release in 2013 for Book 8. Book 7 doesn't have a title yet.

The best way to get all these updates is join my Facebook Group Page, which is the page I update most often.

In unrelated news, I did a podcast about some of my earlier writing, the Bucky O'Hare Web Series. You can listen to me rant about season 2, which I worked on from 1998-199, here.

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