Friday, November 8, 2013

In Which I Emerge from Hibernation Like a Bear in Spring

Book 8 should be rolling out next month, so it's time to start posting on this thing again. Book 8 is called The Chrysanthemum and the Rose. Yes, I know that's not super spellable, but look, we're eight books in. If you're even reading this you definitely have found my Amazon page or my website or my Facebook group page and you know how to follow a link I'll be posting when it goes up on Amazon. I'm aiming for December 15th, but there have been some copyediting delays that were out of my hands, so I don't know yet.

What have I been up to:
- Finding a new literary agent for my graphic novel (found!)
- Starting Rabbinical school
- Writing other books, mostly horror

There's plenty to look forward to! Book 7 will be on sale for Kindle prior to the release of Book 8 in case you need to catch up, and there will be all kinds of contests with great prizes and rewards for loyal fans. So watch this space!


Lula said...

Bears actually don't hibernate; they enter a long-term sleep, waking occasionally during the winter, which is not technically hibernation. During this sleep, they actually build muscle, so they emerge in spring with super strength.

Bears hax.

Wally said...

Welcome back!

Finally found your blog, as the old forum seems to be dead.

Marsha Altman said...

Lula, Thanks. Glad to know I have super strength now. Look out, muggers!

Wally - I don't know which forum you were looking at. The main Marsha Altman page? That's not so much a forum as a format for a free webpage. That's why it has a link to this blog.