Sunday, February 9, 2014

New Contest! New Giveaways!

It seems that getting a copy of Book 8 was a pretty popular contest, so I'll be repeating it with eBooks.

How to enter:
(1) Leave a comment on this blog post asking me a question. You can ask me any question you want. I literally mean anything. Of course if it's deeply personal (like where I live, what hours I am generally out, and where my jewelry is) I might not answer it, but it can be any question about my books, my other writing, my general career, and my general interests. You can ask what kind of toothpaste I use (Don't ask that. It's Crest Regular Paste. You already know the answer). There are only three
exceptions to the rule:
- You cannot ask what inspired me to write these books (I've answered that too many times)
- You cannot ask what I find so intriguing about [insert Pride and Prejudice character here]
- You cannot repeat a question someone has already asked.
(2) Leave some valid way to reach you and say if you have a US postal address. If you fail to do this, you will not win. I might answer the question but I will not give you a prize.

Winning Conditions:
eBook: If you successfully follow the instructions above, congratulations - you've won! I will email you asking what eBook format you want it sent in.
Paperback: One person with a US postal address will be selected at random from the pool of entries. I cannot send the book abroad because it is seriously expensive to do. If you cannot get my book abroad and you want it, you can buy it directly for me and pay for shipping, and I will send it.

The contest is open until March 1st! So get those questions in!


BobA said...

Hello Marsha,

Early on the morning of July 2, 2013 I eagerly looked for "Young Mr. Darcy in Love".
Finding it on I bought the Kindle version.
When I looked closer I noticed that the author was Marsha Morman.

My question is what happened there?

I have subsequently gotten the Marsha Altman one and have detected no differences.

Bob N. Anderson
septuagenerian JAFF fan

Marsha Altman said...

Ha! That's a good one. I will answer that. I am impressed that you bought two copies. Also you have to tell me if you want to be entered in the paperback contest.

LĂșthien84 said...

Hi, Marsha. Do you have any plans to write more JAFF besides P&P story? I love Persuasion and I hope there are more published works that I can devour.

Please don't enter me for the paperback copy as I'm international.


BobA said...

So Marsha . . . am I to infer that the answer to my question is that it was part of a shameless ploy to get curious old fogys like me to buy more than one copy?

I have all your Darcy and Bingley books(in some cases more than one copy) so you needn't include me in the contest.

Bob N. Anderson

Alexander Remer said...

Dear Ms. Altman,

Does the broad sword, or battle axe, inflict more damage on an opponent, and is plate preferable to chain, regarding mails?

Definitely include me in the print version contest.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marsha! As a fan of Jane Austen, what are your thoughts on Elizabeth Gaskell's novels? North and South is a particular favorite of mine and I wonder why there is so little related fan fiction, as I love all the JAFF!

Please include me in the eBook and US contest. :)


Jean Austen said...

Marsha - I love the way you weave your stories - to me as a reader, the "weaving" is what separates the truly good writers from the rest - you also seem to almost inhabit your characters, which makes their conversations so genuine - so my question is, if you could be any of the characters you've written (male or female), who would you most like to be?

Vesper Meikle said...

Wondering if you have read any of Anthony Trollope books - one of my favourite authors after Jane Austen

(International entry)

meikleblog at gmail dot com

Susan Desprez said...

I just want to say I love your books! I usually buy them the very day they come out---never can wait for sales. I loooooved this last book.

My question is ..... how many more will you write in this series? It is my fave JAFF series by far, so I personally hope you have several more in you though I can imagine that you might want to have completion at some point.

Will there be other books by JA that will spur FF do you think (or are there and I am not aware--going to check that out on Amazon right now!)


Marsha Altman said...

These are great questions, but guys, if you ask me, "Have you read X book?" the answer might just be "No" which is not very interesting. You can actually go to my author profile to see what books I've read in the last few years on Goodreads.

Mary Beth Dermody said...

Your stories are true adventures. I would love to win an ebook. In your travels have you come across an Asian book that is comparable to P&P?

SQ said...

Hi Marsha -

First of all, let me tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your series. I just spent the whole day reading Young Mr. Darcy in Love from cover to cover. Following the characters throughout their respective journeys has been a treat (and a very successful means of procrastination!).

I guess I have a two part question. Firstly, do you have a set number of books you plan to write for the series? Relatedly, have you had ideas for the story arcs for each of the characters since the beginning, or do you decide on a book by book basis on where you want the story to go?

Thanks again for the great stories!



Oh, and I am in the US and would love to be entered in the paperback contest. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marsha,

I read all your Darcy & Bingley stories online several times before you published them, and have been reading them again in their published form, and obviously love them! Here's my question: Now that some time has gone by since you finished off the original characters, have you considered returning and writing one final sequel with the next generation, who are near and dear to our hearts? Do you think about their futures as you would old friends who you miss?

Helenasggd (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

Hi Marsha,

I just read the series again and have a question. Which Monkee would be Monkey's favorite Monkee? Peter, Davy, Mike, or Micky?

Talia Sommer
kneyda at yahoo

Anonymous said...

Talia here again, yes, I live in the US and have a valid postal address. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, it is late here so I missed that I missed the deadline but still would like to know about Monkey.

Love your books.


SQ said...

When do we hear the winners? and the answers!?

I've been trying to wait patiently just in case, but I might need to give in and get the new book.

- Sabah

Marsha Altman said...

Sorry, some things have come up that have put me behind schedule. I will announce the winners soon.