Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blogging on blogging, of all things

There's a new review up for Mr. Darcy's Great Escape on Readaholic. Yay!

I know a lot of authors have very informative blogs, in that it acts as sort of a personal journal for their lives, and readers really like that. The main reason is that I sort of already have a live journal that is very personal and a blog about my job and a Facebook account that needs updating and I stopped short at a Twitter feed. I'm a shut-in writer living in a tiny apartment in Manhattan. My life isn't half as interesting to justify the multitude of social resources I already have to tell people about my life. There's also the matter that there's only so much writing I can get done in a day, and preferably, I'd like to be writing, you know, books.

That and I don't have any cute pets to photograph.

So really, if you want to ask me something about my life, email me and I'll answer in a post, but I'm not going to throw myself out there unless I have something to say that is about my books or my life as an author.

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suzan said...

I just got Mr. Darcy's great escape and hope to be enjoying it soon. I loved your profile page you seem to have a great sense of humor.