Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My first reading

I did my first reading last night, at a literary cafe thing organized by my old City College professor. Not really bookstore-level, but I was honored to do it anyway, and it will make the next reading a little less terrifying.

New Reviews:
Bookfoolery and Babble
Diary of an Eccentric


Laura Hartness said...

Hi Marsha! I'm glad the reading went well and you got some good practice for the next bookstore appearance.

I won Books 1-3 today on Jane Austen Today, and I'm looking forward to reading your work. Keep an eye out for my reviews, which will be posted on my blog, The Calico Critic.

I'm looking forward to these three books!

Have a good week

Laura Hartness
The Calico Critic
CalicoCritic at gmail dot com

Marsha Altman said...

Thanks, Laura. I noticed you entered like, all of the contests and kind of hoped you would win for the effort. I look forward to your reviews.

Laura Hartness said...

Oh so you noticed that I was stalking your books! Yes, I'm glad to win them after all the effort. And grateful for the opportunity!


Kelly said...

I love your books and I hope you had a nice passover. I'm glad the reading went good and I hope I can get a signed copy of Darcy's Great Escape. Have a great day and God Bless you!!!!!