Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

While preparing for the last two days of Passover, I was informed it was Easter as well. Happy Easter everyone! Or, everyone who celebrates. People who do not celebrate, feel free to have a good day anyway. If you were holding yourself back before, feel free to go out now.

Good Yom Tov and restful end to Pesach for all those celebrating. I'm going to try to get some reading done in the research area and not get distracted by 1970's sci-fi and Calvin and Hobbes collections, as has been the case pretty much all week. Oh, and some Sherlock Holmes short stories my dad has been bugging me to read.

The "official" publication date listed on Amazon for book 4 is now May 10th instead of May 1st. Sometimes the dates aren't hard dates until the books actually appear in stores or arrive at Amazon headquarters. I don't have any control over it. Adjust your anticipation accordingly.

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