Sunday, April 3, 2011

One Month to Go!

We're a month from the launch of book 4 (The Ballad of Gregoire Darcy), which will be in stores May 1st, and I realize I should update this blog far more often.

What else am I working on? That's a good place to start:

- The Ballad of Gregoire Darcy is done. It's gone to press, which means the final revision went in, was formatted, and was physically sent to printers that are all out in Minnesota or Michigan or somewhere in the Midwest. From there they're shipped to the publisher's warehouse, and from there to stores. I signed off on the final proofs about a month ago, and they take 2-3 months to print and ship, less if the publisher is in a hurry and wants to spend more money. At this point I cannot make any changes to the book in its final form, but I can worry incessantly about changes I should have caught in an earlier revision.

- The Road to Pemberley anthology has gone in for printing galleys, which are very early review copies, and there will probably be a final revision before the galleys are actually printed or between then and the final version. It's not out until July 1st, sot here's some breathing room, and I have not signed off on a final version, though we wouldn't have sent it in for galleys if the book wasn't 99% there. With 12 other authors (there are 13 in the anthology, myself being one of them) it's much harder to coordinate revisions.

- I'm working on a proposal for Talmud for the Chinese Business Man, which would be sold to the Chinese-language business market. They would do the translation (I don't speak Chinese), but I know enough about business ethics in the Talmud to write a book. A non-fiction proposal is a really big deal, since you're asking for money up front, as opposed to when the manuscript is finished like you do in fiction. Currently we're (my agent is involved) struggling with the gut of the proposal, which is the summary of what the book is about. When that's finished, I have to write two to three sample chapters, also a major undertaking.

- For the hell of it, and because I always need to be writing something (seriously ... I do), I'm writing my fifth Metalocalypse fanfic. Hopefully it will be my last as I have other stuff to work on, but I might still have creative energy to burn in this direction when it's done. We'll see.

- I'm thinking of taking a manuscript called Towerland off the shelf and publishing it as an e-book. I was just at an agent conference where it was decided that that was a terrific idea, and my agent hasn't been able to sell it to a major house. I would really have to put my back into promotion, so this has to be saved until I'm done with other stuff.

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