Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Slog

I don't know why I named this post the slog. Don't put me in the corner about late things done with a headache.

The book publication date is today! Amazon is being really inconsistent about whether they have the book and are going to ship it (it's probably in the next day or so) and I haven't looked in any stores yet, so the only people who seem to have it are reviewers. I have no idea when my author copies are coming, as that's generally the last thing the publisher gets around to because it's the least important at launch, so I'll end up buying a bunch or mooching a couple copies off my parents until I get mine. Buying your own book in a store is always a weird experience - you make the cash register guy green with jealousy and no, you do not get a discount (I would rather have the discount).

To prepare for writing this short story I'm going to put up digitally to coincide with the book, I've read a whole bunch of books on London and I'm probably going to read a whole bunch more to continue putting it off even though I either know everything I need to know or I'll be finding it online. I'm currently in the middle of Regency Recollections: Captain Gronow's Guide to Life in London and Paris, which is somewhat scattershot and not terribly interesting, but has good footnotes. And I bought it and I'm halfway through it so I'll probably finish it off; I very rarely put a book down wholesale.

There will be giveaways for The Ballad of Gregoire Darcy on Austen Authors and my Facebook fan page; I will alert you on this page when I do that if you're not connected to me in the other two fashions so you can have a chance to win a signed copy of the book.

In other news: My non-fiction proposal for a book of Jewish ethics from the Mishnah for the Chinese-language market went out, so we'll see if a Chinese (probably Taiwanese) publisher bites and gives me money to write it. I'm focusing totally on the short stories for book 4, and after that it's revising Towerland (which is sci-fi) for publication. Or getting totally lost playing Fallout 3 New Vegas. Either one.

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