Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Writer in Comics (Badly-Drawn Ones)


Cherri T. said...

Plight of the Darcy Brothers:
This series rocks, 5 Stars on Amazon, hope you it cheers you cuz I love your happy dance cartoon :)

Sue said...

Hard to remember to check for new books. I own your whole series and will order g & w post haste.

What is that cat doing in your cartoon? You don't own any cats! LOL must be one of mine

p.s. no reason gingerbread can't be kosher is there? Then again, in light of this time of year, I say we go for originality and do Matza houses glued together with melted chocolate or some such :-)

- Sue

Marsha Altman said...

I don't own cats but I do love them.

Gingerbread can be made kosher by making it in a kosher kitchen, but not for Passover because it has yeast that rises, and on Passover we can't have anything that's been allowed to rise for more than 18 minutes.

I could make a Matzo house, but it would be awful and no one would eat it.