Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Darcys and the Bingleys: The Podcast

My second podcast, discussing my first book. The first 15 minutes are spoiler-free, and the second fifteen discusses a host of issues about the characters in the book and how they came to be. I also talk a little bit about historical mistakes and the publishing process.


Cherri T. said...

That was very interesting Marsha. One of the reasons I really like your series is that you go off in directions not taken in most P&P fanfiction. The stories are always new and fresh. I love what you have done with Caroline Bingley. Alot of fanfiction stories do not have her charater grow, she usually goes downhill into almost a cartoon charater villain. I like all your new charaters because you take the time to flesh them out so that we know and appreciate them.
I was very happy to hear there are to be many more books in this series. I am really looking forward to reading them. Any idea when the next installment will be out?

Marsha Altman said...

Ulysses will probably make a call about book 5 in the next month or two. As soon as I know something, and can talk about it, I'll do my best to let everyone know.