Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jane Austen and Me – Part 2

(this is a continuation of my previous post)

Jane Austen and Me – Part 2

This post is about how Jane Austen and I are different. It was a much easier post to write.

Ways We Are Different:

(1) Tea and scones. I don’t actually know that Jane liked this. I just presume it of all British people. In actuality, the concept of high tea – drinking tea and eating cakes and scones – wasn’t invented until the Victorian Period, well after Austen’s time, when tea was cheaper and the British ere by custom drinking alcohol a lot less and needed something to replace it with. It’s not that I dislike stones, I just prefer other pastries. And as for tea, I don’t like drinking things that might burn me. Seems silly.

(2) Dancing – Jane, despite being rather sickly at times, loved to dance. It was required of people in her social class to not only dance but to learn long, complicated dances that could last up to 15 minutes and were like square dances without the help of a guy in a ten-gallon hat telling you what move was next. Spending hours being tutored on all of these dances was part of Regency life. Meanwhile, not only do women not dance with or in front of men in Orthodox Judaism because it’s too seductive, but when we do dance (at weddings, mostly), it’s a lot of running in circles. There’s a couple variations to the running in circles bit, but only the person who teaches Israeli dance at camp remembers them. Everyone else just runs until we get tired/dizzy.

(3) Writing long letters to relatives detailing every events in our lives. This was a form of entertainment – both writing and reading the letters whiled away the hours, and the upper classes had a lot of hours to while away. Meanwhile, my emails to my mom and are downright mono-symbolic.

(4) Dying at 41. Man, I hope I don’t do this. Jane, I’m not with you on this one.


ophelia021 said...

Keep writing Marsha. Your writing is wonderful! I have read your books multiple times each.

ophelia021 said...

Loved all 4 of the P&P books. Funny and touching at the same time.

Marsha Altman said...

I'm really glad you're enjoying them!