Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Writing About Writing: The Worst Kind of Writing

NOTE: The Kindle sale on my first book, which is currently $1.79, ends on January 15th.

Took a long walk today. Only 20 blocks or so, but I realized I haven't been outside a whole lot since starting my novel (now standing at 17,000 words) last week. Mostly for food. Entirely for food, actually. When I'm writing a novel it takes up most of my head space, so if I'm doing it right, if I'm not writing I'm thinking about what I'm going to write or how much I need to research before I can continue and how screwed I am, but my head is basically in the book. Not at all times, but at most times. I'm living in the book.

Advice for writers:

(1) Don't worry too much about distractions. I mean, clear off your schedule and all, but distractions are just going to happen. Let them enter your mind and leave.

(2) Don't stop for the day when you run out of ideas. Stop a bit before that, when you still have a sense of the next scene, so that you won't be a blank slate the next day. You always want to start off running.

(3) You'll be surprised how much shit you get done (paying bills, cleaning your room, writing blog posts) when you're procrastinating.

Back to work.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Actual Writing

Book 5 is at the copyeditor's.

I'm writing a new book, not related to my P&P stuff. So I am away. Writing. Be back soon. Maybe a month.