Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ghost Posting!

I posting but I'm not actually here! Oooooo [rattling chain sound]. I am posting from a phantom zone called "the Wednesday before." Ooooooooo [more rattling chain sounds]. I used the scheduling button because I am away! Oooooooooo.

Right now I am, G-d willing, driving to Pennsic, the best thing ever, and I will be fighting on the battlefield tomorrow. Pictures to come. Pennsic is like a Jane Austen convention, only it's outside and you don't have to wear an unflattering empire gown and force your significant other to attend dance workshops to learn a 15-minute piece he will never use again and also it is awesome. There's always a couple guys there wearing uniforms from Colonial Times even though the cut-off for time periods is the reign of Elizabeth I, but they are all really hot because the uniforms are wool.

This is the final week of the month of contests, and there are two giveaways. Please leave your email address in the comments to enter. Enter before August 20th to be valid.

(1) A set of Books 1-5 on Kindle version. Open to anyone who can open a Kindle file, which is everyone in the world if you download the program free from Amazon.

(2) A signed copy of Young Mr. Darcy in Love. Open to anyone with a US address. Sorry Canadians - rates have really shot up and the book is really heavy.

Spooky, right? No, of course not. Not at all.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

I was going to do a real blog post this week, something with content, and then my brain melted

This week's contest: There's two.

(1) A signed, paperback copy of Georgiana and the Wolf  (Book 6), available to people with a US mailing address.

(2) An eBook edition of Georgiana and the Wolf (Book 6) Book 6, available to anyone.

Please leave your email address and specify which contest you are entering. You cannot win both contests, even if you are Cherri Trotter.

The contest is open until August 15th, so feel free to enter if you find this post late!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

So many contests, so little time

An alternate cover to Book 7
Note to reviewers: If you have a review blog, you can get an eBook copy of Book 7 by emailing me. If you have reviewed the previous books, you can get the paperback edition.

I know some of my readers prefer paperbacks to eBooks, and some of you are overseas. Maybe Amazon won't ship to your country, or maybe it will be very expensive.

You can now obtain the book directly from me. I can buy the book directly from Createspace, so before Amazon takes a cut it's much less. I'm committed to getting anyone a copy who wants a copy, so here are the current offers:

US buyers: $15 for a signed copy, which includes shipping (sent media mail)
Overseas buyers: $10 + the cost of airmail for a signed copy.

Contact me for further details or to place an order.

Please note: I will not ship to India because it will not get there. The Indian postal service is vastly underpaid and regularly steals packages. Trust me, I'm speaking from some experience.

Contest Time!

This week I've giving away a signed copy of The Road to Pemberley, the anthology I edited. It is not directly related to the series, so as a result I have a lot of fans who don't have it. If you would like to win a copy, leave a comment on this blog with your contact info. And there's still time to sign up for last week's contest!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Book 7 Now Available!

After some delays and consternation, Book 7 was published more or less on time, and is now available on all formats.


Two young suitors, torn apart by time and circumstance. Geoffrey Darcy, son of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet, is completing his third and final year at Cambridge under the watchful eye of his cousin and graduate fellow George Wickham Junior. Georgiana Bingley, daughter of Charles Bingley and Jane Bennet, is spending her time in London with her sister and friends, where matchmaking and flirtation rules the social scene.

But trouble is brewing with King George IV’s advisors, including a scheming minister and a mysterious figure from Germany bearing secrets of the Darcy family. Can the family survive the suspicions of the highest court of the land?

In Altman’s seventh installment of The Darcys and the Bingleys, she follows the children of the characters of Pride and Prejudice as they struggle to right the wrongs of the past and find their own wedded bliss.

Buy it in paperback here. 

Buy it on Kindle here.

Buy it in all other eBook formats here.

Review Copies: If you are a reviewer with any kind of book blog, email me to get set up with a copy. This will be an eBook. Only people who have reviewed the previous books on Amazon will be eligible for a paperback because it is big and very expensive to ship. For those buying it, you're certainly getting your money's worth!

Contest: I will be running weekly contests for the next month.
Up this week: 1 paperback copy of The Darcys and the Bingleys. What's that? You've already read it? Well, do you have a copy with my signature on it? I didn't think so. Please leave a comment on this blog by August 1st. Offer limited to US and Canada. Please leave your email or some other way to contact you in your post.