Thursday, February 20, 2014

I Write (Other Things)

First, go enter this contest. Seriously. Why haven't you done it yet, just for the amusement of having me try to act on camera? Just for that?

I do other writing. Sci-fi/fantasy is my first love, though I've been recently getting into horror. Today I got my author copies of King David and the Spiders from Mars, which contains a short story I wrote under my real name!

It's a short story (about 13,000 words if I remember correctly) concerning a rabbi who runs into ancient creatures who secretly rule an evil town in Massachusetts. It's heavily based on H.P. Lovecraft's Shadow over Innsmouth, which is one of my favorite Lovecraft stories. Since it had a Jewish spin, it qualified for the anthology.

I wasn't totally silly in my author bio. Not as silly as I could have been.

But I'm still proud of it!

You can buy the book here.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

New Contest! New Giveaways!

It seems that getting a copy of Book 8 was a pretty popular contest, so I'll be repeating it with eBooks.

How to enter:
(1) Leave a comment on this blog post asking me a question. You can ask me any question you want. I literally mean anything. Of course if it's deeply personal (like where I live, what hours I am generally out, and where my jewelry is) I might not answer it, but it can be any question about my books, my other writing, my general career, and my general interests. You can ask what kind of toothpaste I use (Don't ask that. It's Crest Regular Paste. You already know the answer). There are only three
exceptions to the rule:
- You cannot ask what inspired me to write these books (I've answered that too many times)
- You cannot ask what I find so intriguing about [insert Pride and Prejudice character here]
- You cannot repeat a question someone has already asked.
(2) Leave some valid way to reach you and say if you have a US postal address. If you fail to do this, you will not win. I might answer the question but I will not give you a prize.

Winning Conditions:
eBook: If you successfully follow the instructions above, congratulations - you've won! I will email you asking what eBook format you want it sent in.
Paperback: One person with a US postal address will be selected at random from the pool of entries. I cannot send the book abroad because it is seriously expensive to do. If you cannot get my book abroad and you want it, you can buy it directly for me and pay for shipping, and I will send it.

The contest is open until March 1st! So get those questions in!