Tuesday, June 24, 2014

These are Things that Happened Today

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Upcoming Titles

The copy-editing is done for Book 9, and I'm busy implementing the various fixes. On average, my manuscripts go through at least three rounds of editing, one with a paid professional copy-editor, to get it up to the shape you see it in. Yes, there are still typos. I just try to keep them to a minimal.

From here it goes to layout, where I get the eBook file ready and lay out the .pdf version for the print book. Both jobs are a little tedious, but I'm used to them. I also have to write the description on the back cover (that doesn't spontaneously appear on the back of books), any other inside material, and decide on a cover image with my graphic designer, which always takes way longer than we both think it should.

Estimated publication date for Book, tentatively titled The Tribulations of George Wickham the Younger, is mid-July, which means the earliest you could actually get a paper copy in the mail is late July/East August. Book 10's roll out will hopefully be December.

In the meantime you can buy and read my thriller novella, the Redundant Man, here.

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