Friday, April 12, 2013

Week of April 7th

What I Learned This Week

(1)   When you’re at the bottom of your career, earning-wise, you have nowhere to go but up. Right? RIGHT?!?
(2)   The day before I die, I should write whatever the hell I want but try to make it bittersweet, knowing it will be read in place of an obituary written by other people.
(3)   That if I had a cat I would name it “David ben Purion.”
(4)   The guy responsible for inventing printed gun technology is the kind of person who clearly should not own a lot of guns, which is unfortunate. I put the odds of him dying in a shootout/gun accident at 50/50.
(5)   That I should have written more off these down when I thought of them and not put it off to Friday.